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If you're looking to renovate your floors, you've found the perfect match for the job. Miller's Hardwood Carpet & Vinyl has been serving clients throughout Santa Maria, California for over 30 years. Whatever your style preference, we provide the best flooring option for you. The advantage of choosing our hardwood floors is that not only are our floors affordable and durable, they are also stylish which gives your interior space a modern and updated look.



Hardwood installation services

Turn to Miller's Hardwood Carpet & Vinyl for flooring installation. Whether you are a home or business owner, we've got the perfect floors for your property.


Hardwood flooring repair services

Miller's Hardwood Carpet & Vinyl can help you keep even the oldest floors looking like new. We repair all types of floors. Call us today for repair services and extend the life of your floors and carpets.


Hardwood flooring refinishing services

Here at Miller's Hardwood Carpet & Vinyl, we offer professional refinishing services including custom stain and finish, distressing, and complete distrust preparation and clean-up.

Custom Installation

Hardwood flooring custom installation services

From exotic species to inlays to medallions and antique flooring, we can customize your floors to meet your style and specifications.

Staircase & Banister Installation

Hardwood Staircase & banister Installation services

Our staircase and banister installation include stain grade, paint grade, wrought iron banister's, and custom mill work.

Shutters & Blinds Installation

Shutters & Blinds Installation services

Miller's Hardwood Carpet & Vinyl also offers shutters and blinds installation for any room in your home. Call us today to learn more.


When it's time to have your carpet replaced, turn to the experts at Miller's Hardwood Carpet & Vinyl. We have many types and colors to meet your preferences and match the style of your home.

Sales & Service

Miller's Hardwood Carpet & Vinyl offers all types of hardwood floors including vinyl as well as all major brands of carpets. Come into our showroom so you can touch and feel all of our floors and carpets.

Call us today at 805-928-0900 to receive a free estimate on our flooring services.

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